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30°/-90° : 520 Frenchmen Street | NOLA

30°/-90° is located right in the center of the Frenchmen street arts and entertainment district. Frenchmen Street runs south from the intersection with Esplanade Avenue; north of Esplanade it becomes the famous Decatur Street (with Jackson Square and nearby Café du Monde) just 2 blocks inland from the mighty Mississippi river. The oldest and best-known section of Frenchmen Street is in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood, just south from the Vieux Carré or French Quarter.

This area was once the plantation of Bernard de Marigny, a wealthy Creole political leader of old New Orleans. In 1806 he had his property subdivided and developed as a neighborhood becoming one of the first suburbs in the country. Strolling down Frenchmen Street one can view the New Orleans architecture that makes the city unique. Frenchmen Street is home to many Creole cottages (a New Orleans design stemming back to the period between 1790 -1850) along with examples of another New Orleans-style home, the Creole townhouse which dates from 1788, following the Great New Orleans Fire.

The Frenchmen Street entertainment district began developing in the 1980s. As Bourbon Street became more tourist-focused, Frenchmen emerged as a “locals” favorite due its more authentic presentation of New Orleans musical and gastronomical tastes. Residing on some of the highest ground in the city, Frenchmen Street survived Katrina relatively unscathed. Following the catastrophe, the street was officially designated as an arts and entertainment district. After the Saints’ Super Bowl win in 2010, the street received national news media coverage for hosting one of the largest celebrations in the city’s history and was also featured on the HBO series Tremé. Frenchmen Street is “Where It’s At” in New Orleans!